Dr. Val Petrov
Dr. Val PetrovFounder and CTO of PteroDynamics, Inc.
Dr. Val Petrov is the Founder and CTO of PteroDynamics Inc. He earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry from West Virginia University, and did Post Doctoral research in Nonlinear Dynamics at University of Texas at Austin. He founded PteroDynamics in 2017, after he had successfully flown the first prototype of his newly invented distance VTOL airframe design he dubbed “Transwing.” This was the logical next step in Dr. Petrov’s journey of building experimental aircraft and related innovations, which began when he built his first fly-by-wire airplane from scratch at the age of eight. Dr. Petrov built numerous experimental aircraft, including VTOL and high altitude vehicles, and developed many related innovations in flight control and navigation systems and airborne communications systems. In his role as CTO for PteroDynamics, Dr. Petrov oversees the company’s research and development and commercialization of designs for its aircraft.
Technical Fellow, Aurora Flight Sciences
Bob is currently a Technical Fellow at Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing. He mainly works on the design of non-traditional aircraft, including sub-scale and full scale prototyping. He has been working on VTOL aircraft professionally for 20 years, but has also worked on Mars aircraft, solar aircraft, submersible aircraft and even a few conventional aircraft.

Prior to his present job, he was a Senior Engineer at zee.aero (now called KittyHawk and Cora), working on manned electric VTOL aircraft. Prior to that he was Chief Aircraft Designer for Aurora Flight Sciences. He has also worked as a designer on the Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighter and as a consultant. He was a principal designer on the MIT Chrysalis, Light Eagle and Daedalus human powered aircraft, as well as a principal designer of the “Chicken Whisperers” Red Bull Flugtag aircraft that has held the world distance record since 2013.

Bob has a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT and a Masters degree, also in Aero, from Stanford. He currently holds 22 US patents. He is a veteran of the US Coast Guard and an Associate Fellow in the AIAA. He was recently awarded the 2019 AIAA Aircraft Design Award for lifetime achievement in the field.

Oliver Garrow
Oliver GarrowFounder, Sabrewing
Oliver Garrow : CTO and co-founder of Sabrewing Aircraft Co inc.

Oliverís experience in the UAV and drone world is extended. He is a multi-discipline engineer in composites, mechanical, aerospace, electronics, aircraft design, controls, CAD, simulations, flight sim and flight test. He started work on his first design over 15 years ago, building the first of what would be many innovative designs ñ from ducted fans to box wings to tilt-wings.

Oliver has built and demonstrated over 12 VTOL drones in the last 12 years, plus a manned experimental aircraft, and has several patents in the field of manned and unmanned aircraft. Oliverís experience includes extensive wind tunnel tests at NASA Ames, UAV flight test at Moffett Field, California and Crows Landing in Central California.
Oliver has a MS in Computer Sciences from ENSEA-Paris and a BS in Electrical Engineering UPS-Toulouse (France). Oliver and Ed, co-founders of Sabrewing Aircraft, have been working together on a various projects since 2014.
Sabrewing is Oliver’s 3rd Aerospace startup.

Dean Donovan
Dean DonovanDiamonstream Partners
Dean Donovan has 15 years of investment experience following a 14-year career at Bain & Company where he led the aviation and auto practices among other accomplishments. He also served as CEO and COO at two software companies and co-founded CMA, an analytic services provider to the travel industry. Dean sits on the Volaris and Prophet boards and is Chairman of Stellar. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude and Honors from UC Berkeley, he began his career in software before earning an MBA with Honors at Wharton Business School.
Peter Shannon
Peter ShannonFounder and Managing Director, Radius Capital
Peter Shannon has built his career as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist focusing on transportation technologies, with current focus on advanced aerial mobility and its application toward positive impact for transportation across the economy.
Peter is active in the aviation community around regulatory and technology issues critical to enabling high-scale adoption of aerial mobility systems. Peter is helping define a national vision and roadmap for Urban Air Mobility as a member of the Committee on Urban Air Mobility Research and Technology through the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Through the National Academies, Peter is also an appointee to NASA’s Aeronautics Research and Technology Roundtable. Peter is involved in the FAA’s Unmanned Aerial System Integration Pilot Program as an advisor to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and sits on committees developing standards for unmanned air traffic management, vehicle certification, and urban air mobility.

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