“All About Autonomy 2019”

MARCH 1, 2019


Panel 1: I-PPP A New Standard

I-PPP - Innovation Public Private Partnerships

I-PPP A New Standard

• Innovative Vehicle Technology Development
• Prototypes To Testing To Monitization
• Navigating Standards and Certification (GS&C)
• Transforming Existing Industry into Building New Industry

Panel 2: Remote ID & Securing Autonomy

UAS ID, CYBER, Counter UAS For The NAS

Remote ID & Securing Autonomy

Securing National Borders & Counter UAS
Security Needs For DoD Operations
Security Considerations
Counter UAS Systems
Cyber Defense & UAS

Panel 3: Drones for Good Guys

We examine the latest in drones doing good.

Drones for Good Guys

Medical Deliveries
Fire fighting
Disaster Communications
Infrastructure Surveillance

Panel 4: Test Sites and NASA TCL4

UAS Testing To Deployment in 2019

Test Sites and TCL4

• UAS Test Ranges & TCL4 Roundup
• Learn How To Field Your Unmanned Product
• Technical Capability Level 4 – A Huge Step For Unmanned Kind
• Standard Testing Unmanned Systems How-To

Panel 5: Investor Roundtable

The opportunity gaps for investors in 2019

Investor Roundtable

Certification – The Cost of Doing Business
Transcontinental Cargo Air Vehicles
Urban Air Mobility
Smart Infrastructure Surveillance
Smart Roads & Smarter Tires

2019 Keynote Speakers


2019 Keynote Speakers

Anil Nanduri

Vice President, GM Drone Group.

Intel Corporation

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