AUVSI Remote Pilots Council

 The Trusted Operator Program (TOP) has been recognized as a critical effort for remote pilots and training organizations to demonstrate RELIABILITY, SAFETY, PROFESSIONALISM AND TRUST in the UAS industry. As an independent community based association, AUVSI will give more power and credibility to its members and increase the ability for AUVSI to advocate on their behalf with this TOP community based initiative.

The industry has expressed an urgent need to unify and reach consensus on a minimum levels of training protocols that support RELIABILITY, SAFETY, PROFESSIONALISM and TRUST. These training protocols included in the TOP, will close the gaps, produce industry agreed consensus and attract many benefits and tangible dividends such as; insurance premium rebates, demonstrated commitment to safety, and waiver dividends and greater power to advocate for industry needs.

TOP Resources

  • Watch a webinar hosted by Tracy Lamb, Vice President of Regulatory & Safety Affairs and Chief Pilot of the Remote Pilots Council.
  • Watch an interview of Brian Wynne, AUVSI CEO, and Tracy Lamb discussing the TOP.

    Remote Pilots Council


    The AUVSI Remote Pilots Council (RPC) provides a forum for remote pilots to engage directly with one another and the FAA, with the express goals to:

    1. Provide feedback on real-world operations
    2. Better understand the FAA waiver process and offer suggestions for increased efficiency
    3. Discuss operational challenges and potential solutions from within the industry
    4. Prioritize needs for additional regulation

    The RPC kicked off with a National Tour in the first quarter of 2017 through collaboration with local AUVSI Chapters. These meetings provided discussion with industry leaders from each community, as well as participation from the FAA, and helped craft our agenda for the rest of the year.

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